How Pfizer is helping address AMR


Pfizer is working closely with the infectious disease community to address AMR through a number of activities


Active Stewardship ATLAS Global Poilicy Leadership Diverse Portfolio Manufacturing

Active Stewardship


To ensure patients receive the correct antibiotic only if needed and for the right duration

Innovative Surveillance Tools

                      To help physicians better understand current resistance patterns

Global Policy Leadership


To facillitate antibiotic development, proper use, and access to medicines and vaccines

Diverse Portfolio


Medicines and vaccines to help treat and prevent serious infections around the world



                Applying responsible manufacturing practices that minimize impact to human health and the environment



What you can do to help: Follow these simple steps to help combat the growing threat of AMR globally


Don't take an antibiotic unless needed and only when prescribed by a certified healthcare professional

taking pills                                               

When prescribed an antibiotic, don't miss doses and do finish the course of medication

Injection resized                                                                                                                 

Keep vaccinations up to date for you and your family


Never take antibiotics prescribed for someone else or prescribed to you for a different infection

Wash hands

Wash you hands regularly         

PP-GEP-GBR-1278. December 2018