Pfizer Endocrine Care

For more than 25 years, Pfizer Endocrine Care has been committed to the advancement of endocrinology. This is demonstrated by our innovations in endocrine care: Pfizer was the first company to launch single-dose and multi-dose growth hormone (GH) delivery devices; it has built up the largest international databases of patients receiving GH therapy; and it produces the first and only GH receptor antagonist for the treatment  of acromegaly.

Optimising patient care has always been central to our work, and through our close involvement with the endocrinology community, we have become trusted by clinicians and patients around the world to provide well-tolerated and effective medications.

Our exclusive videos from ENDO 2017

Our endocrine colleagues bring you our video highlights on the topics that particularly interested them this year, and reflected on how they could put their learnings into practise.

Pfizer's ENDO 2017 video highlights

ENDO is the world’s largest event for presenting and obtaining the latest in endocrine science and medicine. The extensive program covers a broad array of topics, poster sessions, continuing medical education, updates on new products and technologies at the ENDOexpo, keynote speakers and more. View our video highlights here.

PP-GEN-GBR-0263. Date of prep: August 2017.