What is haemophilia?

Haemophilia is a lifelong condition requiring constant and careful management. The most common forms of haemophillia are caused by deficiency in a particular coagulation factor – factor VIII (FVIII) in haemophilia A and factor IX (FIX) in haemophilia B.

Haemophilia is quite rare; about 1 in 10,000 people are born with it1.

Treatment of haemophilia

A primary aim of care in haemophilia is to prevent and treat bleeding with the deficient clotting factor2:

  • On-demand: Treatment given at the time of clinically evident bleeding
  • Prophylaxis: Treatment given in order to prevent anticipated bleeding

Pfizer in haemophilia

Pfizer helps to find practical approaches to haemophilia care through partnering with various organisations. Through scientific collaboration and long-term investment in new haemophilia therapies, we aim to advance the treatment and address the unmet needs of people with haemophilia.

Pfizer has partnered with various organisations to help find practical approaches to haemophilia care

  • Pfizer is committed to the improvement of long-term outcomes for people with haemophilia and the support they receive to manage their conditions
  • Through scientific collaboration and long-term investment in new haemophilia therapies, we aim to advance the treatment and address the unmet needs of people with haemophilia

Milestones in Pfizer Haemophilia

Pfizer continues to invest in the research and development of haemophilia treatment3 – the key time points for this are outlined in the figure below.

* Pfizer acquired Wyeth on 15 October 2009.14
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