Pfizer have created a range of patient materials to help you support your haemophilia patients. This includes a new boardgame called ‘Ready Rufus – Find Professor Tapps’ which allows children to learn about haemophilia by playing the game.

Ready Rufus is a boardgame that implements game-based learning to teach children and their carers about haemophilia.

The aim of the game is to guide Rufus (or one of his friends!) through 4 different scenes; The Leaky Lakes, The Whistling Woods, The Misty Marches and The Slippery Slopes by rolling a dice to move forward spaces and answering haemophilia related questions surrounding the importance of maintenance and treatment.

The game has two levels of play; Inventor and Apprentice. The level of play chosen depicts the difficulty of the questions asked. The questions range from asking a child what they would do if they fall and hurt themselves, asking them to point towards a certain joint or muscle, factual true or false questions and more.

By playing this game, children can learn about what to do in the event of them falling and hurting themselves, which can save important minutes in treating them and preventing them gaining a more substantial injury.

To request a boardgame or more information on Ready Rufus for your patients, please contact a member of the Pfizer UK Haemophilia team using the contact us form here.

Ready Rufus boardgame

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PP-RDP-GBR-0482. June 2020