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Dosing that’s as individual as your patients1–3

Flexible dosing

No two days are the same. No two patients are the same.
BeneFIX offers frequent, flexible dosing so your patients are covered for everyday life1,4,5

Patients may vary in their response to factor IX, demonstrating different half-lives and recoveries1

Shorter dose intervals or higher doses may be necessary to deliver adequate coverage based on patient’s bleeding phenotype, levels of physical activity, and preference regarding convenience and adherence1–3

BeneFIX offers frequent, flexible dosing1

BeneFIX comes in a range of vial sizes, so you can individualise factor IX coverage for your patients1

BeneFIX can be given as on-demand treatment or as prophylaxis1

BeneFIX offers patients storage flexibility through room temperature storage (<30ºC)1

So your patients are covered for everyday life1,4,5

​​​​​​​Dosing Optimisation with BeneFIX

​​​​​​​Achieving Medicines Optimisation with BeneFIX

What is medicines optimisation and what are the benefits?

Medicines optimisation is a patient focused approach which aims to improve the outcome for patient treatment, by making sure that medicines are being used safely and in the most effective way possible.6,7  It also allows the NHS to make sure that medicines being used are both clinically and cost effective.6

BeneFIX is competitively priced and delivers value both financially and for patients, allowing for optimisation of NHS resources.

The quality of life for patients with haemophilia can be greatly improved through reduced bleeds and by aiming to keep baseline factor level above 5% which reduces the chance of spontaneous bleeding.8

How can BeneFIX allow for improved medicines optimisation?

  • Cost effective treatment for patients
  • Range of vial sizes – which allows for individualised dosing1
  • Storage flexibility – can be stored at room temperature (<30C)1
  • Predictable pharmacokinetic profile

How medicines optimisation with BeneFIX can improve a patient's lifestyle? 2,9

  • Aims to increase coverage for day to day activities
  • Aims to prevent spontaneous breakthrough bleeding
  • Aims to prevent subclinical bleeding and ensuing joint damage

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