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BeneFIX (nonacog alfa) Prescribing Information for Great Britain click here. BeneFIX (nonacog alfa) Prescribing Information for Northern Ireland click here.
Adverse event reporting can be found at the bottom of this page.    

​​​​​​​BeneFIX® (nonacog alfa) is recombinant coagulation factor IX indicated for the treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding in patients with haemophilia B (congenital factor IX deficiency). BeneFIX® can be used for all age groups.1  

Recommended dosing schedules1

BeneFIX® offers frequent, flexible dosing so your patients are covered for everyday life.1,2  

No two days are the same. No two patients are the same. BeneFIX® offers frequent, flexible dosing so your patients are covered for everyday life.1,2

​​​​​​​BeneFIX® can be administered as on-demand or prophylactic treatment.1  


​​​​​​​In the case of the following haemorrhagic events, the factor IX activity should not fall below the given plasma activity levels (in percentage of normal or in IU/dl) in the corresponding period.1    
The following table can be used to guide dosing in bleeding episodes and surgery:  

Degree of haemorrhage/Type of surgical procedure

Factor IX​​​​​​​ level required (%) or (IU/dL)

Frequency of doses (hours) / Duration of therapy (days)




​​​​​​​Early haemarthrosis, muscle bleeding or oral bleeding


Repeat every 24 hours. At least 1 day, until the bleeding episode as indicated by pain is resolved or healing is achieved.

More extensive haemarthrosis, muscle bleeding or haematoma 


Repeat infusion every 24 hours for 3–4 days or more until pain and acute disability are resolved.

Life-threatening haemorrhage


Repeat infusion every 8–24 hours until threat is resolved.




Minor surgery including tooth extraction


Every 24 hours, at least 1 day, until healing is achieved.

Major surgery

80–100 (pre- and post- operative)

Repeat infusion every 8-24 hours until adequate wound healing, then therapy for at least another 7 days to maintain a factor IX activity of 30% to 60% (IU/dL)

Adapted from BeneFIX® (nonacog alfa) Summary of Product Characteristics.1  

On-demand treatment

Needleless reconstitution  

Pre-filled syringe in transparent vial adapter.1  ​​​​​​​

Pre filled diluents range means fewer components and faster preparation Needleless rapid reconstitution to avoid accidental punctures

Clear vial adapter to easily confirm a good connexion

Dosing flexibility  
Wide range of dosages available so you can individualise factor IX coverage for your patients.

Colour-coded for easy identification of doses low 5 ml reconstitution volume for all vial sizes  

Rate of administration should be determined by the patient's level of comfort (but no more than 4ml/minute) ​​​​​​​

Patients may vary in their response to factor IX, demonstrating different half-lives and recoveries.1    

​​​​​​​Shorter dose intervals or higher doses may be necessary to deliver adequate coverage based on patient’s bleeding phenotype, levels of physical activity, and preference regarding convenience and adherence.1–2  ​​​​​​

Dose optimisation with BeneFIX®   

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Administration and storage

The R2 device is used for reconstitution of BeneFIX® by injection.

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Learn about monitoring BeneFIX® in your patients.  

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Pfizer support for patients

Pfizer Ltd. is committed to helping patients manage their day-to-day lives.  

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BeneFIX® has more than 20 years’ experience in haemophilia B, building on a proud heritage in haemophilia care.1

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Contact a member of the Pfizer haemophilia team.

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  1. BeneFIX® Summary of Product Characteristics. For Great Britain, available here. For Northern Ireland, available here.
  2. Shapiro AD et al. Haemophilia 2005;11:571–582.  
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