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Champix® (varenicline tartrate) Prescribing Information.  Adverse event reporting information can be found at the bottom of the page.

Champix in Different Patient Types

Champix has been studied in a range of different patient types:1-4

No psychiatric history

With a psychiatric history

Patients with COPD

Patients with CVD

Champix offers greater odds of quitting vs. buproprion, NRT patch (NiQuitin®) and placebo for smokers with a psychiatric history at weeks 9-12 and 9-241†

The most common psychiatric disorders in the EAGLES study psychiatric cohort were: primary affective disorders, anxiety disorders, psychotic disorders and personality disorders.1†

 Patients had to be considered clinically stable for inclusion (i.e. no exacerbations ≤6 months; on stable treatment ≥3 months, with no treatment change anticipated during the study).1†

Champix versus placebo

*CHAMPIX versus placebo, weeks 9-12, 0R=4.00 (95% Cl 3.20-5.00), p<0.0001, weeks 9-24 0R=2.99 (95% Cl 2.33-3.83), p<0.0001; versus NRT patch, weeks 9-12 OR=1.7 4 (95% Cl 1.43-2.10), p<0.0001, weeks 9-24 OR=1.52 (95% Cl 1.23-1.89), p=0.0001; versus bupropion, weeks 9-12 OR=1.77 
(95% Cl 1.46-2.14), p<0.0001, weeks 9-24, OR=1.49 (95% Cl 1.20-1.85), p=0.0003. Based on the all-randomised patient population. The primary efficacy endpoint was the CO-confirmed CAR from weeks 9-12. The main secondary endpoint was the CO-confirmed CAR from weeks 9-24. The other secondary endpoint was the 7-day point prevalence of abstinence at each assessment visit, which yielded results consistent with the continuous abstinence rates. 

Please refer to the Warnings and Precautions.

EAGLES: adverse events:1

Across the cohorts, the most frequent adverse events by treatment group were as follows:

  • CHAMPIX: nausea (25%) 
  • Bupropion: insomnia (12%) 
  • NRT patch (NiQuitin®): abnormal dreams (12%) 
  • Placebo: headache (10%)
​​​​​​​Please refer to the summary of product characteristics for further information on the safety profile of Champix.

  1. Anthenelli RM. Neuropsychiatric safety and efficacy of varenicline, bupropion, and nicotine patch in smokers with and without psychiatric disorders (EAGLES): a double-blind, randomised, placebo-controlled clinical trial. Lancet 2016;387:2507-2520.
  2. Tashkin DP, et al. Effects of varenicline on smoking cessation in patients with mild-moderate COPD. Chest. 2011;139(3):591-599.
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  5. CHAMPIX Summary of Product Characteristics.
PP-CHM-GBR-3358. June 2021

Champix efficacy vs NRT

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Champix efficacy data

Support material for Champix patients

Download support material for patients prescribed Champix.


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