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Implementing Smoking Cessation in Hospitals

Key opinion leaders discuss the medicalisation of smoking, the changing environment in the UK, tools required to support patients through smoking cessation and the role of pharmacotherapy

Hosted by Noel Baxter, GP and clinical commissioner for NHS Southwark and chair elect for the Primary Care Respiratory Society UK (PCRS-UK).


Matthew Evison - Consultant in Respiratory Medicine, Greater Manchester
​​​​​​​Gareth Jones - Consultant Respiratory Physician, Royal Liverpool University Hospital

1. Medicalising smoking:

Is tobacco addiction a disease? Matthew Evison explains the burden of this disease in the UK.

2. The changing environment : 

Gareth Jones explains how the smoking cessation landscape has changed and the impact hospitals can have on patients' health by supporting them to quit.

3. Transforming tobacco addiction: 

Matthew Evison explains what you need to support patients through smoking cessation in a hospital setting including the right pathways and systems.

4. The role of pharmacotherapy 

Matthew and Gareth explain the NICE evidenced treatment options for hospital patients.

PP-CHM-GBR-3368. June 2021

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