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Genotropin GoQuick – providing simplicity and convenience

GoQuick - Designed with patient confidence in mind

Benefits for patients and healthcare professionals1:

Pre-filled and disposable
  • No cartridge loading avoids complicated steps and saves time
  • No cartridge loading simplifies the process of training patients
  • Simple step-by-step reconstitution of product (twist from A to B to C)
Pre-settable dosing
  • Allows the correct dose to be given every time
  • Gives patients reassurance that the correct dose is being administered, regardless of who is injecting
  • Gives prescriber confidence that the correct dose is given every time, regardless of who is injecting
  • No daily dose setting reduces injection time and minimises mistakes
Needle guard (optional)
  • Hides the needle, reducing anxiety for needle-shy children and parents
  • Makes the device easier to hold steady, helping with confident administration

The GoQuick device is designed to meet individual dosing requirements and to suit patients’ needs. 

The GoQuick is available in two presentations: 5.3mg & 12mg

It comes in two different colours to represent the two different licensed presentations. This helps to ensure that patients can quickly identify and check that they have been dispensed the correct dosage.

Blue GoQuick Pen: 5.3mg
Purple GoQuick Pen: 12mg

Just three easy steps are required for everyday use of GoQuick

  • Attach the needle
  • Dial up to the pre-set dose
  • Give the injection

The GoQuick pen helps to make somatropin growth hormone treatment predictable by delivering the correct dose simply and reliably, time after time.

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