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The Genotropin Pen

Simplicity and flexibility in human growth hormone administration

The original Genotropin pen has been chosen by patients for more than 15 years and is designed to make taking growth hormone simple and straight forward.

Benefits for patients and healthcare professionals:

Simple and adjustable dosing
Two dosage formats:
Genotropin pen cartridges are available in two dosage presentations: 5.3mg and 12mg strengths.
  • Patients requiring a dose of under 0.5 mg/day should use the 5.3 mg pen
  • Patients requiring a higher dose should use the 12 mg pen
Digital dose display: ensures correct and accurate dosing 
Dial-back mechanism: facilitates error correction and reduces waste
Quick and easy administration
  • Needle guard: Genotropin pen comes with an optional needle guard to hide the needle from view for patients who are anxious about needles
  • Colour Coding: Cartridges are colour coded to facilitate easy confirmation that the correct dose of somatropin has been dispensed.
  • Self-mixing growth hormone powder: Self-mixing powder automatically dissolves when a cartridge is loaded.
  • Small injection volume
Easy Storage
  • The Genotropin pen comes in a hard, protective case, which can be used for everyday storage or transportation.
  • Once loaded the Genotropin pen should be stored in the refrigerator at 2-8°C along with any cartridges.

Unique features of the Genotropin pen allow personalisation and customisation to encourage compliance.

  • Clip-on panels (Geno-Caps): Each pen comes with two interchangeable side panels or ‘Geno-caps’ with matching lids, to allow patients to select or change their pen colour.
  • Individualisation: The Genotropin pen includes a small hole near the injection button that allows for further personalisation with (for example) charms

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