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ReFacto AF (moroctocog alfa) Prescribing Information for Great Britain click here. ReFacto AF (moroctocog alfa) Prescribing Information for Northern Ireland click here.
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​​​​​​ReFacto AF® (moroctocog alfa) is indicated for the treatment and prophylaxis of bleeding in patients with haemophilia A (congenital factor VIII deficiency). ReFacto AF® is appropriate for use in adults and children of all ages, including newborns. ReFacto AF® does not contain von Willebrand factor, and hence is not indicated in von Willebrand's disease.1

Terminal half-lives in haemophilia A  

Not all half-lives are the same in haemophilia A, resulting in 1 in 3 patients not receiving their desired improvement.2  

Each patient with haemophilia A has an individual pharmacokinetic profile that must be taken into consideration when making a decision regarding their treatment.2    

A recent analysis of 649 patients (1298 infusions) with severe haemophilia (89% haemophilia A) revealed2:    

  • At a group level, terminal half-life* (THL) extension for haemophilia A was observed when switching from a standard half-life (SHL) to an extended half-life (EHL) factor VIII (FVIII) for both children and adults with the median increasing by 4.1 hours (interquartile range (IQR): 2.0–6.7)  
  • ​​​​​​​However, 27% of the patients saw less than 20% improvement and 10% of the patients had a shorter THL while taking an EHL compared to the THL of SHL FVIII​​​​​​  

Additional analysis of 4832 (2222 children, 2610 adults) patients with severe haemophilia (89% haemophilia A) confirmed3:    

  • Median THL was longer in EHL at 15.1 hours (IQR: 12.0–19.0) vs. 11.1 hours (8.8–14.2) in SHL FVIII for both children and adults, resulting in a median increase of 4.0 hours.    

It also showed that for patients with severe haemophilia A3:    

  • The THL was 2.2 hours shorter in patients with blood group O, independent of concentrate type (48% of UK population has blood group O4).  
  • ​​​​​​​In people with a positive inhibitor history, the THL was decreased by 1.3 hours.  

*  Terminal half‐life (THL) is the time required for the plasma concentration of medicine to fall by 50% during the terminal phase, and not the time required to eliminate half the administered dose.5  

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ReFacto AF® in the real-world setting

rFVIII products like ReFacto AF® are effective at preventing bleeds in everyday settings.6

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Clinical efficacy  

Access data on the clinical efficacy of ReFacto AF® for on-demand treatment and prophylaxis.  

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Safety profile

ReFacto AF® has a well-documented safety profile in adult patients. Paediatric safety profile is comparable to that of adults.1

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