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Learn about the efficacy and safety of Somavert, its tumour impact and its effect on co-morbidity management through clinical and real world data

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Watch and listen to acromegaly experts talk about various topics in the disease area as well as recordings from our National Nurse Meeting and the Acromegaly co-morbidity series

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Somavert is used in the treatment of adult patients with acromegaly who have had an inadequate response to surgery and/or radiation therapy and in whom an appropriate medical treatment with somatostatin analogues did not normalise IGF-I concentrations or was not tolerated.

Acromegaly Expert Webinars

Radiotherapy in acromegaly

Dr Sara Meade, Consultant Clinical Oncologist, University Hospitals Birmingham, provides a brief introduction to acromegaly and its treatment with radiotherapy and radiosurgery

Colonic screening acromegaly 

Professor Aled Rees, Consultant in Endocrinology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff,explains how active acromegaly can increase the risk of colon cancer, discusses implications of the condition on screening methods and frequency, and shares a colon surveillance algorithm

Treatment impact on diabetes 

Professor Partha Kar, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust, discusses the impact of acromegaly and its treatments on glycaemic control and diabetes 

The importance of psychology 

Dr Sue Jackson, Research Psychologist, University of Plymouth, discusses the importance of holistic support that considers the psychological impacts of acromegaly 

The role of the general hospital

Dr Manjusha Rathi, Consultant Endocrinologist, Sherwood Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust discusses the role of the general hospital for a typical acromegaly patient


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The role of the pharmacist

Vicky Ruszala, Specialist Pharmacist in Diabetes and Endocrinology, North Bristol NHS Trust explains the main roles of the pharmacist from medicines optimisation and England-specific BlueTeq funding arrangements to homecare service provision

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Gender considerations

Dr Tara Kearney, Consultant in Endocrinology, Salford Royal Hospital, explains the typical gender differences seen in acromegaly patients, from delays in diagnosis to increased mortality rate


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22 years experience with Somavert

Professor AJ van der Lely, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, discusses the history of clinical experience with Somavert and the latest data from ACROSTUDY, a global post-marketing surveillance study

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Acromegaly co-morbidities webinars

Watch and listen to our Rare Disease Insight series where expert speakers take a deep dive into the co-morbidities associated with acromegaly

Watch the webinars here

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National Nurse Meeting Recordings

Watch recordings from the 2020 national nurse meeting with discussions on enhancing nurse competency, acromegaly co-morbidities and auditing pituitary disorders

Watch the recordings here

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