TKI adherence: a series of 3 videos

Extent and impact of non-adherence to TKIs in CML (Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia)

Speaker: Dr. Lina Eliasson

Duration: 03:25

Video 1 in a series from Dr. Lina Eliasson, PhD, CPsychol who has over 10 years’ experience of understanding barriers to treatment adherence, including a PhD from UCL School of Pharmacy on adherence to TKIs in CML, a post-doc position at the Centre for Haematology at Hammersmith and commercial experience developing CML support programmes. This first video talks about the extent and non-adherence to TKIs in CML and how non-adherence negatively effects clinical outcomes, whilst increasing CML-related healthcare costs and provides healthcare professionals with information on predictors of non-adherence.

Managing adherence to TKIs in individuals living with CML

Duration: 05:12

Video 2 from Dr. Lina Eliasson and this video provides a brief introduction to better understanding, monitoring and addressing TKI non-adherence.

Managing fatigue in individuals living with CML

Duration: 04:21

Video 3 where Dr. Lina Eliasson outlines the extent and impact of cancer-related fatigue in individuals affected by CML and taking TKIs. Dr Eliasson provides brief information relating to screening assessment and interventions for fatigue and highlights the important areas of education for patients around the self-management of fatigue.

PP-BOS-GBR-0982. April 2020