The Champix 4 week pack

We understand that the first few weeks are the hardest when trying to quit smoking.1-3 That's why we have a 4-week initiation pack, to help get your patients through this challenging time.

The first month is the hardest when trying to quit smoking.  Below is an example time course of withdrawal symmptoms and cravings:

Cravings and withdrawal symptoms often peak in the first week, but can continue for some time.1-3 The 4-week initiation pack ensures that the they have treatment available for at least the first 2 weeks of their quit attempt.4

2-week Initiation Pack: Covers patients for at most the first 6 days of their quit attempt, depending on their start date (8-14 days before their quit date)1
4-week initation pack: Can help them to get through the first few weeks when they are most vulnerable, to help make quitting less challenging. 


The longer a patient stays on their 12-week course of treatment, the more likely they are to succeed:

  • A UK study in patients receiving Champix showed that:5
    • Continuing treatment for up to 4 weeks doubles the chances of a successful quit attempt compared with those who receive up to 2 weeks of treatment.
    • Completing a 12-week course results in an 11-fold increase in the chance of a successful quit attempt compared to those who receive up to 2 weeks of treatment.


Supporting patients to help them stay on treatment for longer:

The Champix 4-week pack can help to address some of the key reasons for non-compliance:*6,7

  • Clearly labelled initiation pack helps to aid compliance8
  • Gives patients more time to schedule an appointment for their repeat prescription which reduces risk of patient running out of treatment and may reduce treatment discontinuations6
  • Reduces prescription costs for patients compared with using 2-week initiation and continuation packs.
  • Fewer GP visits for repeat prescriptions needed with the 4-week pack which is more convenient for patients and saves GP's time and practise resources.

*Key reasons for non-adherence for general medicines from a patient survey 20027


Make quitting less challenging with a simplified prescription schedule:

Together with appropriate behavioural support, the Champix 4-week pack can help get patients through those challenging first few weeks and stay on treatment for longer.6

2-Week and 4-Week Schedule Example:


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