Enbrel: Sleeve for MyClic pre-filled pens

Supporting patients with reduced dexterity and helping to improve their confidence in self-administration.

As part of Pfizer’s commitment to meeting your patients’ needs, the sleeve has been designed for patients with poor dexterity or who are not confident about injecting, and is for use with the Enbrel® (etanercept) MyClic® pre-filled pens (25 mg and 50 mg).

Instructions for use

There are four steps to attach/detach the Sleeve to/from the MyClic pre-filled pen. 

A single page PDF with these steps can be downloaded by clicking this link: PDF iconenbrel_sleeve_instruction_leaflet.pdf

You may also want to watch a short instruction video:

Storage and cleaning

  • The Sleeve is made of a washable soft plastic so can be reused for up to 2 years.
  • To clean the sleeve use warm water and store in a clean, dry place.

Sleeve packaging and instructions for use leaflet

  • The Sleeve will arrive in a white unbranded box.
  • Inside the box is a printed leaflet (suitable for patients) providing pictorial direction (similar to what is shown above) on how to use the Sleeve.

Order the Sleeve for free

If you think that your patient could benefit from a little extra support, order a sleeve free of charge by clicking the 'Order Now' button below. (This item is not available on NHS and is not included in the NHSBSA Drug Tariff for reimbursement, so please do not attempt to order by NHS prescription).

The order button will open a new browser window where you will be taken to Medisa (a third party website used by pharmaceutical companies to provide healthcare professionals with items such as patient support materials) to complete your request. Medisa will require you to register if you haven't used it before as it needs to validate that you're a healthcare professional via your professional registration number. Once registered you can arrange for materials to be delivered to you.  

If you use a Homecare provider to deliver Enbrel MyClic, please contact them directly and they can arrange for a Sleeve to be delivered to your patient(s) with their next home delivery.

PP-ENB-GBR-0965. March 2020