Enbrel Together patient support

All Enbrel patients have access to initial home visits for injection training following approval from their hospital:

  • New starter home visits: one initial training visit with more available by request to help with injection training, support to help patients understand their condition, treatment, dose and importance of adherence

All Enbrel patients also have access to the Together programme website. Content is released over the course of a year, specifically tailored to their condition, administration method and length of time on treatment.

Homecare Medicines delivery service

In addition to the Together Enbrel Patient Support Programme, Pfizer provides a flexible Homecare Medicines Delivery Service that ensures Enbrel patients have an on-going and consistent supply of their medicine:

  • Repeat prescription management: ensuring that patients have a valid prescription at all times
  • Patient stock management: check and record patients stock levels, with evidence of over or under use of medicines reported to the healthcare organisation
  • Dispensing/checking
  • Delivery: directly to a patient’s home, place of work, named friend or relative’s home
  • Clinical waste collection and disposal



PP-ENB-GBR-0959. Date of preparation: December 2019