Categories of Anticoagulants

Categories of Anticoagulants

See the range of anticoagulants that can be used for your patients

As you can see from the table below, there is a wide range of anticoagulants used to prevent or treat VTE in your patients

Categories of anticoagulants1-6

Categories of anticoagulants


1. Heparin calcium SmPC [Heparin calcium 25,000 IU/mL solution for injection or concentrate for solution for infusion]. Available at:
2. Fragmin SmPC [Treatment of VTE (7,500-18,000 IU syringes, 10,000 IU/1 mL ampoules, 100,000 IU/4 mL Multidose vial)]. Available at:
3. Fondaparinux SmPC (Arixtra solution for injection 2.5 mg/ 0.5 mL]. Available at:
4. Warfarin SmPC [Warfarin 1 mg tablets]. Available at:
5. Rivaroxaban SmPC [Xarelto 10 mg film-coated tablets]. Available at:
6. Dabigatran etexilate SmPC [Pradaxa 110 mg hard capsules]. Available at:

*Including, but not limited to: congestive cardiac failure (NYHA class III or IV), acute respiratory failure or acute infection, who also have a predisposing risk factor for VTE such as age over 75 years, obesity, cancer or previous history of VTE.~
†In patients with chronic renal insufficiency or acute renal failure.

PP-FRA-GBR-0286. December 2020