Fragmin® (dalteparin sodium)

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There is a wealth of experience with Fragmin® and a broad range of indications for your patients

Established clinical experience:

  • To date more than 85 million Fragmin® syringes, vials and ampoules have been used in the UK1

Broad range of clinical indications2–7

  • Extended treatment of symptomatic venous thromboembolism  (VTE) and prevention of its recurrence in patients with solid tumours
  • Peri- and post-operative surgical thromboprophylaxis
  • Thromboprophylaxis in patients bedridden due to a medical condition*
  • Treatment of VTE
  • Unstable angina and non-Q wave MI, administered concurrently with aspirin
  • Prevention of clotting in the extracorporeal circulation during haemodialysis or haemofiltration†

*Including, but not limited to: congestive cardiac failure (NYHA class III or IV), acute respiratory failure or acute infection, who also have a predisposing risk factor for VTE such as age over 75 years, obesity, cancer or previous history of VTE.~
†In patients with chronic renal insufficiency or acute renal failure.

Simple dosing regimen:

  • Once or twice daily dosing using colour-coded syringes and other presentations2-7
Fragmin® Guidelines



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PP-FRA-GBR-0142.  June 2019