GroAssist® - patient support app

What is GroAssist?

We know parents and carers can find it challenging to motivate their children to take daily growth hormone injections. There are appointments to remember, height to be monitored, and injections to be taken each day. That’s why we designed GroAssist®.

Launching in August 2017, GroAssist is a mobile app designed specifically for parents and carers of paediatric patients who have been prescribed Genotropin, to help them get the most from their growth hormone treatment and keep on track with injections.

Key features

GroAssist has a number of features to help patients fit growth hormone treatment into their lifestyle:

  • Helping parents and carers establish a daily injection routine by recording injection sites and setting reminders
  • ‘Scratch-and-reveal' rewards to motivate and engage patients with their treatment
  • Growth charts to help parents and carers see how treatment is helping
  • Data from the app can support treatment decisions with healthcare professionals
  • Details can be shared between parents and carers, which can improve continuity of care when treatment is managed between multiple carers

Watch this video to find out more about the key features of GroAssist:


How to access the app

Patients can download the app from the Google Play store and App Store, for both Android and Apple devices – all they need to do is search for 'GroAssist' and use the access code provided by their healthcare provider to register for an account.

If you'd like your patients to use GroAssist, please call the Endocrine Care helpline on 0800 521249 or email [email protected] for an access code.


PP-GEN-GBR-0374. March 2018