The recommended starting dose is 125 mg of IBRANCE once daily for 21 consecutive days followed by 7 days off treatment (schedule 3/1) to comprise a complete cycle of 28 days.1

Treatment with IBRANCE should be continued as long as the patient is deriving clinical benefit from therapy or until unacceptable toxicity occurs.1

How to take IBRANCE

IBRANCE should be taken with food and at approximately the same time each day. No additional dose should be taken if a dose is missed, and the next prescribed dose should be taken at the usual time. IBRANCE should be swallowed whole, not chewed, crushed or opened prior to swallowing.1

Available doses

IBRANCE is available in 3 dose levels to facilitate dose modification.1

It is important for patients to start on the 125 mg daily dose as the majority of patients treated with IBRANCE do not require a dose reduction.2,3 In the PALOMA clinical trial programme ≥1 dose reduction due to adverse events were recorded in 36% of IBRANCE-treated patients in PALOMA-2 and in 34% in PALOMA-32,3. If further dose reduction below 75 mg/day is required, discontinue IBRANCE1.

As with all medications, IBRANCE may interact with certain drugs. Please refer to the IBRANCE Summary of Product Characteristics for a complete list of drug-drug interactions.


IBRANCE dosing guide

Detailed instructions on dose modifications and complete blood count (CBC) monitoring can be found in the IBRANCE Dosing Guide, which contains a user-friendly, cycle per cycle, algorithm for the management of haematologic toxicities based on the recommendations given in  the IBRANCE Summary of Product Characteristics


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