Efficacy and Safety of Mylotarg video

Data from the ALFA 0701 Study

Duration: 06:12

Speaker: Professor. Robert Hills

Robert Hills is Professor of Medical Statistics at Nuffield Department of Population Health, Oxford. Prior to this role, Robert was Professor of Translational Statistics at the Centre for Trials at Cardiff University, where he was lead for haematological malignancies and Deputy Director of the Cancer Division​​​​​​. He has been a statistician for the National Cancer Research Institute acute myeloid leukaemia trials for over 15 years and works on developing methodologies to make novel treatments available to patients within a trial setting.  He has worked on meta-analyses of clinical trials in cancer for over 20 years and recently coordinated the individual patient data metaanalysis of gemtuzumab ozogamicin: updated and expanded results are currently in preparation for publication.

In this video, Professor Hills discusses the pivotal, randomised study for Mylotarf in the treatment of Acute Myeloid Lekaemia with clear explanations on the dosing and schedule in combination with daunorubcin and cytarabine.  He also mentions the results of the study in terms of event free survival, persistence of benefit and reduction of relapse.  The Adverse Events seen in both arms are also discussed.

PP-MYL-GBR-0287. September 2020