Acromegaly Expert Webinars

Hear thoughts on the latest developments in acromegaly and its management, captured from a variety of national and international experts.

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Learn about potential barriers to successful outcomes in acromegaly, and the key players in the team who can work with you to address them

The role of the general hospital
Dr Manjusha Rathi, Consultant Endocrinologist, Sherwood Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust discusses the role of the general hospital for a typical acromegaly patient


The role of the endocrine nurse
Mr Sherwin Criseno, Advanced Endocrine Nurse Practitioner, University Hospital of Birmingham, discusses how nurses can support people with acromegaly from diagnosis through ongoing management 


Colonic screening in acromegaly
Professor Aled Rees, Consultant in Endocrinology, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, explains how active acromegaly can increase the risk of colon cancer, discusses implications of the condition on screening methods and frequency, and shares a colon surveillance algorithm


The role of the pharmacist
Vicky Ruszala, Specialist Pharmacist in Diabetes and Endocrinology, North Bristol NHS Trust explains the main roles of the pharmacist from medicines optimisation and England-specific BlueTeq funding arrangements to homecare service provision


The importance of psychology
Dr Sue Jackson, Research Psychologist, Bristol, discusses the importance of holistic support that considers the psychological impact of the condition for patients with acromegaly


Gender considerations
Dr Tara Kearney, Consultant in Endocrinology, Salford Royal Hospital, explains the typical gender differences seen in acromegaly patients, from delays in diagnosis to increased mortality rate




PP-SOM-GBR-0763. December 2020.

Discover more about the main treatments for acromegaly and their potential impact on various aspects of the condition

Somavert NHSE commissioning policy
Dr Simon Aylwin, King's College Hospital, Endocrinology CRG, explains the NHSE policy for pegvisomant and its place in the treatment journey for acromegaly patients


The liver: an important factor in acromegaly
Professor AJ van der Lely, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, explains the important role of the liver and insulin production in acromegaly and its treatment


Radiotherapy in acromegaly
Dr Sara Meade provides a brief introduction to acromegaly and its treatment with radiotherapy and radiosurgery


Treatment impact on diabetes
Professor Partha Kar, Consultant in Diabetes and Endocrinology, Portsmouth Hospital NHS Trust, discusses the impact of acromegaly and its treatments on glycaemic control and diabetes


Treatment impact on the tumour
Professor Richard Ross, Consultant Endocrinologist, Academic Unit of Diabetes, Endocrinology and Reproduction, University of Sheffield, discusses the various treatments for acromegaly and how they each impact the pituitary tumour


22 years of experience with Somavert
Professor AJ van der Lely, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, discusses the history of clinical experience with Somavert and the latest data from ACROSTUDY, a global post-marketing surveillance study




 PP-SOM-GBR-0763. December 2020.

From tumour typing and personalised medicine to patient monitoring - hear what a collection of some of the world's acromegaly experts have to say

Focus on the individual
Dr John Wass, Manor Hospital, Oxford, discusses personalised medicine and when to use medical therapy in acromegaly


Listening to patients
Professor AJ van der Lely, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, discusses personalised medicine and how there are perhaps more options to optimise outcomes for patients with acromegaly than 10 years ago


How useful is WHO tumour typing?
Dr Sebastian Neggers, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, shares the consensus on genetic testing, WHO tumour categorisation criteria and its role in clinical practice


The last decade in acromegaly
Dr Michael Buchfelder, Director of Neurosurgery, University Hospital Erlangen, Germany, reflects on what has happened in acromegaly and advances in personalised medicine over the past 10 years


Monitoring patients with ACRODAT®
Professor AJ van der Lely, Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, Netherlands, explains the theory behind the development of ACRODAT and its uses in a practical clinical setting, alongside information about the parameters it helps to track




PP-SOM-GBR-0763. December 2020.