A prospective, nationwide, multicentre, observational study to examine the efficacy, safety and immunogenicity of Inflectra®/CT-P13* (infliximab) in the induction treatment of CD and UC45.


CT-P13* was effective in inducing and maintaining remission in both CD and UC23,45.

Clinical response/remission23
Final results: 1 year follow-up in 229 patients

GECSE Efficacy Results: Clinical Response/Remission


Mean CRP45

GECSE Efficacy Results: Mean CRPCreated from GECSE KB, et al 2016. 

CRP reductions were maintained throughout 54 weeks23.

Primary endpoint45

  • Early clinical remission at 14 weeks

Secondary endpoints45

  • Early clinical and biochemical response, immunogeicity and safety at 14 weeks
  • Clinical response, remission and steroid-free remission at week 30

No new safety signals were detected during this study.

Prescribing Information 

Inflectra® Summary of Product Characteristics   |   Legal Category: POM  Basic NHS Price: 1 vial £377.66

*CT-P13 is marketed under different brand names including INFLECTRA® and REMSIMA®.

CD, Crohn's disease; UC, Ulcerative colitis; CRP, C-reactive protein.



PP-IFA-GBR-0298. December 2018