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Best practices for ROS1 testing in NSCLC patients

Professor Andrew Nicholson

Should we be reflex-ROS1 testing on ALL lung cancer patients? Professor Nicholson gives his professional opinion on this question and others including tips for laboratories who want to validate their own ROS1 testing service.

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Tissue sample acquisition in NSCLC patients

Dr Neal Navani

Dr Neal Navani answers the key question: What is the importance of optimal tissue acquisition in lung cancer patients? and gives his recommendations on optimal sample acquisition.

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Identification and Treatment of patients with ROS1+ advanced NSCLC

Dr Rohit Lal

Dr Rohit Lal describes his experience of using Crizotinib in a patient with ROS1+ advanced NSCLC and faces the question of ‘What are the risks of not identifying ROS1 mutations in lung cancer patients?’

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The optimal model for molecular testing in patients with advanced ROS1+ NSCLC

Dr Tim Benepal

Dr Tim Benepal describes his vision of the optimal testing model for molecular testing by answering two significant questions: Should all molecular testing be carried out in-house? And when in a patient’s diagnostic pathway should these tests be requested?

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The IMPACT webinar series - guidance for Cardiovascular Physicians

Dr Sandy Gupta

Bernadette Downey

1. Dr Sandy Gupta and Bernadette Downey discuss the ‘deadly duo’ of smoking and cardiovascular disease and the health benefits of smoking cessation. They also highlight their experiences of the changing environment of smoking cessation services and re-enforce the need for a whole system approach across primary and secondary care.

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The IMPACT webinar series - guidance for General Practitioners and Nurses

Dr Stephen Gaduzo

Nurse Lisa Fendell

1. GP Stephen Gaduzo and Smoking Cessation Advisor Lisa Fendall discuss how smoking is a significant cause of long term diseases such as COPD, cardiovascular disease and diabetes and the substantial health benefits of quitting smoking for these patient groups.

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IBRANCE® (palbociclib) visceral disease

Peter Schmid | Professor of Cancer Medicine at Barts Cancer Institute

In the visceral disease video Prof Peter Schmid provides his professional opinion on the following topics:

  • Definition of visceral metastasis in breast cancer
  • What factors do you consider when a patient presents with visceral disease
  • How CDK4/6 inhibitors have changed the management of visceral disease.
  • What have CDK4/6 inhibitors meant for quality of life in this patient group
  • When would you prescribe Ibrance and endocrine therapy for your patient with visceral disease
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IBRANCE® (palbociclib) interactive case study

Chris Poole | Consultant Medical Oncologist, University Hospital Coventry And Warwickshire

In this video Prof Chris Poole provides his professional opinion on the following topics:

  • Case of a patient with visceral metastasis
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The IMPACT webinar series - guidance for Respiratory Physicians

Keir Lewis - Swansea University

1. Professor Keir Lewis discusses the burden of smoking and the impact that the subsequent chronic respiratory conditions in patients has on the NHS.

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XALKORI in ALK+ advanced NSCLC: Efficacy in a real world setting

Dr Shobhit Baijal

Dr Shobit Baijal explores the use of real world data to understand, in further detail, the use of Xalkori® in patients with ALK+ advanced NSCLC. He illustrates this by talking through a number of real world, retrospective, cohort study data that provides findings in support of sequential therapy with Xalkori®.