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Information relating to specific disease areas aligned to Pfizer’s portfolio and other resources designed for Pfizer medicines.

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Understanding evolving resistance patterns is a key element in the quest to limit the rise of AMR.1

Antimicrobial Testing Leadership and Surveillance (ATLAS)

In 2017, Pfizer combined two global resistance surveillance programmes and launched the Antimicrobial Testing Leadership and Surveillance (ATLAS) website. It's one of the largest AMR surveillance programs in the world and has open access to healthcare workers, researchers and the global health community supporting easy access to critical resistance information. The system closely monitors global, regional and local resistance trends, allowing tracking of resistance and the main features include antimicrobial susceptibility geographic heat maps. ATLAS contains 15 years of continuous bacterial surveillance data, with more than 800 sites from over 75 countries. The data is updated every 6-8 months. ATLAS also contains 9 years of continuous fungal surveillance data, with more than 138 sites across over 40 countries.2

Pfizer and Wellcome Launch Surveillance Programme to Combat Growing Threat of Antimicrobial Resistance in Sub-Saharan Africa3

Pfizer and Wellcome have recently announced the launch of a multi-year, public-private research collaboration with the governments of Ghana, Kenya, Malawi and Uganda to track resistance patterns and better understand the burden of antimicrobial resistance (AMR) on patients living in low and middle-income countries.

This first-of-its kind partnership – known as Surveillance Partnership to Improve Data for Action on Antimicrobial Resistance (SPIDAAR) - will provide governments and health authorities with comprehensive data in four sub-Saharan African countries where there is a high burden of infectious diseases, insufficient data and lack of capacity to implement critically needed infection prevention and control programmes.

BSAC Resistance Surveillance Project

Specifically in the UK, Pfizer supported the BSAC Resistance Surveillance Project, which was a well-established program designed to provide long-term surveillance of antimicrobial resistance. Data is available for the last 20 years for an extensive list of bacterial pathogens.4

Access to Medicine Foundation: AMR Benchmark Report

Our surveillance efforts were recognised by the 2020 AMR Benchmark report. Pfizer were recognised as the first company to share raw data on resistance collected via our open-access ATLAS surveillance program.5

Educational Resources

We have a variety of educational resources aimed at supporting Healthcare Professsionals looking to enhance their knowledge of AMR and Stewardship.

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See how Pfizer's work in Stewardship & Surveillance ranked in the recent AMR Benchmark report

 AMR Benchmark report

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